Save the Rhino Trust - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022

Save the Rhino Trust is taking part in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the role of 92 rangers working to protect Namibia's Kunene Region ecosystem, and support an estimated 650 livelihoods.

Kunene Region - Namibia

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Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They don’t just fight poaching - they are conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk and culminating on 17th September, celebrates their many roles, and is raising much-needed funds to support their work.

Save the Rhino Trust’s goal as the lead organisation for rhino conservation in Namibia is to have a steadily increasing population of black rhinos. Our committed team of trackers and rangers has been a crucial component for us to work towards this goal. Our trackers come from the local communities and possess a deep knowledge of rhinos and their surroundings. Covering an area of 25,000 km2 their skills are tested during long patrols, on foot on rough terrain in an area with no national park status, no fences and no controls over who enters and exits.

For the past 2 years WRC funding has helped us put "boots on the ground" ensuring that ranger teams are deployed on time and well equipped throughout their patrol days which vary between 10-20 days per patrol. Although the patrols are focused on rhino monitoring, the regular presence of our rangers is beneficial to other species within the rhino landscape as well as discouraging would-be poachers.

With the cost of patrol necessities increasing drastically, funding through the WRC will help pay salaries, timely deployment of teams and ensure continuous payment of incentives to show appreciation to the rangers for their tireless efforts towards the protection and monitoring of rhinos.

Give today, and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. Follow campaign updates on social media with #ForWildlifeRangers

Push-up challenge

Sep 1, 2022, 8:35:50 AM

As a build-up to the main event scheduled for 17 September 2022 our rangers took part in the Push-up challenge on 30 August 2022. This was a test of both mental and physical strength for our rangers, yet they pushed through to show how many push-ups they can complete within two minutes.

Push-up challenge
Activity: Walk

Kunene Region - Save the Rhino Trust

Jul 14, 2022, 6:55:44 AM

SRT is mandated by the Government for the monitoring, research and protection of the black rhinos in Namibia. We employ 45 staff members of which 95% are from the local rhino range communities. In addition, we support over 60 Conservancy Rhino Rangers (CRR) to conduct rhino monitoring. Over the past 5 years we have reduced poaching in our area of operations by 80% compared to the previous 5 year period. Image Credit: Marcus Westberg

Kunene Region - Save the Rhino Trust

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