Conservation and Wildlife Fund - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022

Conservation and Wildlife Fund is taking part in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the role of 17 rangers working to protect Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park ecosystem, and support an estimated 100 livelihoods.

Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe


Goal: $10,000
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Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They don’t just fight poaching - they are conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk and culminating on 17th September, celebrates their many roles, and is raising much-needed funds to support their work.

CWF’s project area is on the eastern edge of Hwange National Park and in the state-owned forests and privately-owned Gwayi Farms which border it. Wild animals and their habitat are under threat by unsustainable hunting practices and illegal logging; our focus is on law enforcement and working with communities to help both wildlife and people thrive.

The CWF Rangers are deployed in groups of 3 with an armed ranger from the Forestry Commission. They operate out of base camps and on patrols the scouts collect snares, inform people whose livestock are found within the protected areas they are trespassing, and look for signs of animals and timber poaching.

Money previously raised from WRC has helped towards wages, uniforms, food packs and equipment for our Rangers, fuel and the erection of a new radio tower for improved communications between base and the patrols.

To better patrol our projected area, last year we doubled the size of our anti-poaching team by employing 9 more scouts. This year we employed another field coordinator, leading to an increase in running costs and so money raised in the WRC challenge 2022 will go towards uniforms, equipment, food packs, wages for the Rangers, plus fuel and maintenance costs of our two land cruisers.

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Support a unique conservation initiative empowering and uniting wildlife rangers across Africa.

Apr 27, 2023, 1:33:51 PM

Wildlife rangers operate on the very frontline of conservation across Africa, routinely making personal sacrifices to put their lives on the line to protect the continent’s magnificent wildlife and habitats. Yet they are so much more than just law enforcement officers: rangers are teachers, community support workers, mediators, researchers and so much more. Unfortunately, resources are not keeping pace with the scale of the challenges they are trying to tackle. For the fourth year running, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge sets out to redress this, by raising critical funding to cover operating costs, including salaries and equipment, for over 10,000 rangers. This will help them protect threatened wildlife and some of the continent's most vulnerable areas, while also protecting communities and securing coexistence with wildlife, as well as providing for their own families.

Hwange National Park - Conservation and Wildlife Fund

Jul 12, 2022, 9:43:22 PM

Conservation & Wildlife Fund (CWF) works with state institutions and other conservation organisations to enable communities and wildlife to thrive in the region around Hwange National Park. The wild animals and their habitat are under threat by unsustainable hunting practices and illegal logging; our focus is on law enforcement and working with the local communities to help both wildlife and people to thrive.

Hwange National Park - Conservation and Wildlife Fund

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Greetings from Boston! Thank you for all your great work!

9/21/22, 11:49 AM

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Privilege to visit Zim and The Hide. A pleasure to give a little back

9/16/22, 11:09 AM



Under 3 hours.

9/14/22, 8:32 AM


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